SuperAwesome Asia reveals how 6­14 kids across Southeast Asia spend their pocket money

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Exclusive report shows that snacks and drinks are beating out toys in the battle for kids attention across Southeast Asia
Singapore ­­ Aug 8th, 2016 SuperAwesome Asia, the leading kids digital media company in Southeast Asia, has revealed details of 6­14 year olds’ spending habits, digital behaviour and media consumption across key markets in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The company’s research shows that kids in ASEAN are far more likely to spend on easily consumable products than anything else. On average, 65% of 6­14s claim to spend their pocket money on drinks and snacks, with only 44% choosing to spend on toys and less than 15% on computer games. This is in contrast to UK kids of a similar age, who favour spending their pocket money on games (63%), clothes (45%) and eating out (33%).

However, whilst the the number 1 spending avenue in nearly every ASEAN country is snacks and drinks, there are some stark differences within the region. Vietnamese kids are 40% less likely to spend their money on drinks than their Thai and Indonesian neighbours: Vietnam is the only country researched where kids choose to spend their pocket money on books and comics (55%) and toys (54%) over food and drink brands.

How kids spend their allowance in Southeast Asia is driven by two trends:

Firstly, digital spending is not the norm. 64% of 6­14s in the region claim never to make online purchases or spend their pocket money on digital products; Thailand emerges as the only country where a significant amount of kids choose to spend on apps.

Secondly, kids in the ASEAN region have a much greater awareness of global food and drink brands than anything else; 75% of kids instantly recognise brands like KFC, Milo, Paddle Pop, Ovaltine and McDonald’s, but major toy lines like Nerf, My Little Pony and Hot Wheels are identified by less than 35% of 6­14 year olds. Although Malaysia and Singapore have the highest toy brand recognition in the region, with over 80% recognising LEGO, most other toy companies fall 20% behind in familiarity.

However, whilst recognition for international toy brands is low, brand affinity is high. The report shows that, on average, kids in ASEAN would rate their favourite toy companies 4 out of 5.

Quan Nguyen, Regional CEO of SuperAwesome Asia, commented: "This is an exciting time for global toy brands. This report confirms that kids in Southeast Asia love to play with their favourite toys, but are simply unaware of the huge choice of products on offer. If they can gain anywhere near the recognition that food and drink brands have in the region, this creates a huge opportunity for toy companies to bridge the gap between awareness and popularity and to build their relationships with the kids audience in Southeast Asia. ”

In creating this report, SuperAwesome interviewed 1,800 kids aged 6­14 across 5 key ASEAN markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.


SuperAwesome Asia is the largest kids digital media company in APAC, reaching over 100M kids and teens in the region across mobile, web and online video every month.

Founded in 2014, the company’s technology and products power kid­safe brand engagement in the APAC region. Clients include LEGO, Mattel, Disney, Unilever, Dutch Lady and many others. SuperAwesome Insights, the company’s dedicated Research and Insights arm is used by a huge number of FMCG brands both inside and outside the kids market.

SuperAwesome Asia is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia.

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